LinkedIn vs. Facebook

What are you using for professional networking, LinkedIn, Facebook, or both (or something else)?

I’d love to hear your stories via email or comments.


  1. Sean ODriscoll

    using both…but mostly Facebook. Linkedin seems littered with recruiters and pretty thin in terms of capabilities. I like facebook ok, but it has it’s issues too. A lot of the content associated with groups is pretty thin. I will say that Facebook certainly has far more momentum – at least as measured by requests for friends/connections.


  2. purple yankee

    I find it both sites to be great in it’s own right, however I will say that from others I have heard that Facebook is very hard to network when no one knows you. It’s primarily based on who knows you. Worse than being in school where the cool folks still wouldn’t allow you in the group only this time you are at your computer.

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