Ecosystem Powerpoint Slides

I was part of the “Building a Business Case for Social Marketing” webinar yesterday hosted by Aaron Strout of Powered. During the presentation, I promised to post my slide illustating the concept of a community ecosystem.

The ppt deck has two versions of this diagram, one on a black background with a build, and one with just a white background.

I hope you find the diagram useful in your presentations.

ppt Community Ecosystem Slides

A preview of the ecosystem diagram

A preview of the ecosystem diagram

6 responses to “Ecosystem Powerpoint Slides

  1. Bill,
    Awesome slide. I would love to have an understanding of some of your talking points as I was not there to hear any of your thoughtful comments.


  2. Wow! Great slides. It will be useful for sure!

  3. Hi Bill,

    an absolutely usefull chart. We all have it in mind and now also on a ppt chart. ;-)


  4. Bill, thanks for the slides.. Very very useful. Great blog

  5. Hi Bill – this is interesting as it pushes everyone to think holistically about social media, that it’s about more than just facebook and twitter. I like how events and meetups are on your map, because they can play an important role in overall community building.

  6. This may seem like a very simple question, but I came across your slides when searching for help to find a powerpoint template for an ecosystem slide. I would appreciate any help you could send me regarding a chart template to create my ecosystem slide. I haven’t yet found anything. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Lynn

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